Friday, July 5, 2013

Intrinsic Strength vs. Chi Power

Marc Doust
Jacksonville, Florida
Dear Peter
I just received the intro video tape, thank you. You seem very good at explaining things, which is important in this kind of discipline. I'm still confused about something. You mentioned that the intrinsic strength you use comes from compression with the ground. But other internal teachers talk about internal power coming from accumulating chi in the body and then projecting it into your opponent. So is it the same thing or is it something completely different? Is chi an energy that can be accumulated or is it just an expression of a trained and focused mind projecting intent or will?
If internal martial arts are so effective as so many people claim it is, why don't these people actually enter real no-hold-barred competition, just like you did in 1978? Most of them will say that their arts are too dangerous!!! But I think that if you can't perform in competition how can you expect to be able to fight in life threatening situation!
I wonder what are your thoughts on this.
Thank you,
Marc Doust

Intrinsic strength is something you really need to study for awhile before it becomes clear. It is not the same thing as using chi. Most of what people call chi is just fantasy. There is something valuable to do in that area, but it isn't entertaining fanciful ideas, it's a lot of hard work. Certainly the vast majority of internal martial artists wouldn't enter real competition, because they don't know how to fight effectively. This is true of most martial artists. Unfortunately there is a tendency to lie to others and oneself about that. The thing is, fighting skills aren't for everyone. Few people actually want to use that path. It isn't necessary. Just don't lie about it or pretend.

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  1. Yes, I've also been wondering about this. I feel the great stability and potential of compression with the ground but my current teacher focuses on chi developement and relaxation. It seems to be two different paths towards a similar goal.

    From what my first teacher told me.. he practiced both ways. The body compression one is most similar to chen style and is mostly a fighting art. The qi developement way is mostly for health. 70% fighting-30% health, 30%fighting, 70%health respectively. I also find the first for me is mostly satisfying to my ego. The second requires almost no ego. For me the second is much harder but its good for me