Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do Boxers use Good Mechanics?

Christian Campfield
New York, NY
It seems to me that western boxing is totally off when it comes to proper mechanics in punching.
For example, the power comes from strong muscular efforts from the arm and the shoulder instead of
sinking and springing up from the legs. Am I correct?

No, you are not. Boxers actually hit harder than most martial artists, and generally fight much better (since they actually practice fighting). I trained with professional boxers for some time. They do hit from the legs, using the whole body. But they use the muscles and push the body into the target, and we compress, letting the target push us into the ground. Yet most of them try to relax. They do this not because of a belief system, but because it works in the ring. Most martial artists only follow a belief system and are too abstracted from the reality to understand what's what.
Hope this helps.

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