Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There is No Fight

Richard Cota
Altadena, California
Just finished your book "Principles of Effortless Power." OUTSTANDING! I know I'll be reading that several times over. I feel it's increased my understanding of the arts quite a bit. Several things seem to make more sense. The part that seems difficult for me to "own" is that "there is no fight." I understand logically the points you make but I have difficulty "owning" that concept. Any further suggestions you might have would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Certainly for most people most of the time whenever a contentious relationship occurs there is a fight. But the "fighting" is taking place in the mind more than in the body. When we enter an encounter as a "fight," we will have thoughts and feelings geared to fight, to contend and defend, and our body will follow these thoughts. By the very nature of the thinking we will tend to turn the engagement into a struggle. Imagine,however, if instead of approaching such an interaction as if it's going to be a fight, approaching it as if it is NOT going to be a fight, but rather an interaction. Without having any thoughts of "fighting" notice what shifts in your mind and body. Regardless of the activity that takes place -- which may be fast, responsive, and appropriate -- without the notion of fight, it will occur differently. Try it.

So, in reality there is no such thing as a fight. Fight only occurs in the mind as an assessment or an
attitude and disposition.

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