Sunday, December 30, 2012

How can I train Cheng Hsin Solo?

George Porgist
Flattbush, NY
One thing I'd be interested in is direction in how some of your teachings/thoughts/topics could be studied in a solo environment.

Without being aware of exactly which particular teachings/thoughts/topics you are referring to, I can say there is much that can be done in a solo environment. Relational interactive practice, however, ain't one of them. Yet we must remember, we are rarely out of relationship with other humans, even when we are by ourselves. If you are working on mental-emotional activities and the assumptions and challenges that relate to others, solo contemplation can be of great service, since you can delve into these things without hurry or reaction. Also, remember that the body is a functional event designed for interaction; training any bodily skill improves our ability to physically relate effectively. Further, reflecting on some interactive practice as if it is occurring presently, can be a powerful practice, and also one that can be improved with training. Hands-on interaction interspersed from time to time within your contemplation is necessary to improve the connection between the imagined event and the reality, and will strengthen your ability to train without physical interaction.

Beyond this, I'm afraid that my teachings/thoughts/topics is just too broad to address. Much is found in the solo environment. Since you are always there, study is always available.

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