Sunday, December 30, 2012

Intrinsic Strength and Fa-Jing Comparison

Stephen Pallitino
Pacifica, CA
What is the role of (or the difference between) intrinsic strength and fa-jing or  "whipping" the body? In my experience, it seems as if fa-jing relates to what many teachers consider "short energy" whereas intrinsic strength is required to demonstrate what is considered "long energy." Although the body can be whipped in any direction, I have difficulty compressing in any but one at a particular moment. Thoughts?

Having listened in to my response to: Pat Fingers in "Systems of Thought Comparison."
I'm sure you get the picture. You must speak to me in terms of  your experience, not hearsay and terms that can change from teacher to teacher. Regarding whipping the body, it is not a method of using intrinsic strength that I teach. Whipping is not compression. It is a technique that can be used, but I prefer utilizing the whole body as one unit rather than send a wave passing through it. As a whole body moving in one direction, compression is more readily available.

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